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Things to Consider When Renting a Roll-Off Dumpster

Most people will have to rent a dumpster a few times in their lifetime. Whether you have a roomful or a truckload of waste continually grabbing your attention, the best way to deal with these waste materials is to dispose of them. As long as they’re out of your sight, they’re out of your mind. If you’re wondering what to consider before renting a dumpster, it helps to ask yourself these questions:

How much waste am I working on?

Renting a smaller or bigger size makes a lot of difference, especially when the measurements are in yards. The process of renting a container is easy and convenient. That also means that dumpster rental companies will work on your waste disposal needs as soon as you’ve given your preferred dumpster size. It is, therefore, essential to assess the size of your project correctly the first time. To pick the right dumpster size, you’ll have to evaluate your project scope.

A 10-yard dumpster has a capacity of 4,000 pounds. It is fit for light remodeling projects, garage cleanouts, or a 250-square foot deck removal. The largest dumpster you can rent is usually 40 yards in size. It can hold up to 12,000 pounds of debris, which is equivalent to 12 pickup truck loads of waste, perfect for house flipping projects.

What type of waste do I have?

Dumpster rental companies dispose of waste in landfills, which do not accept hazardous waste. If your project involves a lot of this waste, you will need to make alternative arrangements. Other than this limitation, household junk, many electronics, yard waste, and most construction debris is generally accepted.

Once you’ve assessed the type of waste you will generate, you can now move on to determining the weight of your waste. This is crucial as it heavily influences the rental price. At this point, contacting an Evergreen Junk Removal dumpsters company is timely for an estimated cost.

Do I have enough space for the dumpster?

So, your done assessing the size of dumpster fit for your non-hazardous waste. The next thing to do is determine where to let the roll-off container sit peacefully. It is essential to pick an area spacious enough to accommodate the truck that will service it. In case the only place available is public property, obtaining a permit becomes a requirement. Even if a permit is not required, it’s also a best practice to consult your neighborhood association if they have policies regarding dumpster rentals.

Should I get help with this project?

The time and energy required to take the waste materials from the site to the dumpster are important factors. They help determine how long you need the dumpster for. It helps to assess if you’re better off seeking help from friends to do the work faster instead of extending your dumpster rental.

Renting a dumpster is a great and cost-efficient way to dispose of many waste materials. If you plan the project carefully, you’ll easily get good value for what you pay.


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