All You Need To Know About Chairs Before Buying For Your Office

The pandemic has replaced the tiresome working on computers, sitting in the office on a chair for long hours, sitting comfortably in our homes, on the bed in pajamas, and sitting in any position we want. But as the world is coming back to normal, we need to revert to our habit of working in the office.

And for that, you need furniture for the office, which is anyways a herculean task in itself.

So, here are the most important things you must know before buying kontoritoolid:

Adjustable height

As different people have different heights, they cannot sit comfortably on the same chair. The height of the chair needs to be adjusted accordingly. So, if you are buying chairs for your office where you have other workers also, make sure you buy a chair which has an adjustable height feature.

Mobility of the chair

Strange as it may sound, a chair with wheels provides a better balance while a person is sitting on it, it provides momentum. If you have a larger desk space, it becomes easier to grab a file from the farther end of the desk without even getting up from the chair.

Also, a revolving chair helps prevent stiffness while sitting and working for long hours.

Dimensions of the seat

Everybody has a different body shape and all chairs have different dimensions of the seat. A chair should fit aptly to the person who is to sit on it. The too spacious chair will be uncomfortable for a person who requires less space whereas a chair with very less seating space will be uncomfortable for a tall and plump shape.

Tilt control

Needless to say, constantly sitting for long hours in front of the computer has so many adverse effects on the body causing stress on the back, neck, spine, and even the legs. This makes a person prone to severe back pains and damage to the spinal cord.

Nothing can completely prevent this, but the tilt control of your chair might help you reduce the severity of the problem.

Ensure that you select those chairs which enable you to control the tilt angle of the chair and even lock it.

Padding of the chair

There are so many kinds of chairs available in the market with so many different kinds of paddings. A leather padding adds to the look of the chair whereas a foam-based chair is the most comfortable as it provides soft cushioning. In foam-based cushioning too, there are many types of foams available.


An armrest is as important in a chair as is its back support. It provides comfort to your arms and shoulders, relieving strain. Chairs with adjustable height of the armrest are also available in the market.


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By pauline