Tricks And Tips On How To Maximize Your Iphone

With the seemingly limitless apps the iphone offers, anyone in the family can have fun with this phone. Read this article to find out about the iphone and all the features available on it.

Make sure you update your phone is using the latest updates. This ensures that your phone.

Say you are searching the web for local dry cleaner. When you locate the number you were looking for, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Just tap on the number and you’ll be connected to your desired business you want to contact.

Screen Protector

A protective screen protector is a wonderful investment for your iphone. Without a screen protector, the phone is sure to get scratched and dinged. Even dirt on the fingertip or keys in your fingers may cause scratches.

Are you fed up by all the constnt notifications you get on your iphone? There is a way to turn off the notifications. Go to the “In Notification Center”; look at all the apps and remove any that you don’t want there. Doing this will also extend the life of your battery.

The iphone has a nifty little feature where you come up with your very own shortcuts and dictionary. You will be able to access these shortcuts when utilizing the dictation feature and have your iphone. You can also type specific phrases into your shortcuts and phrases. The keyboard can also auto-correct your typing as you go.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accented letters you wish to include in your texts? A box should pop up that contains a number of extra keys will come up. This will allow you the additional options that you were hoping for!

This feature allows you to receive instant notification of your emails immediately. You can tag one or several different email accounts to your iphone.

Are you having second thoughts about the last text you just typed into iMessage? Has Auto Correct again? You can quickly undo these problems by shaking your phone. This motion will erase the message allowing you have recently typed. Go to the Settings and make sure this function is enabled.

The iphone is to show previews of any incoming text messages right on your lock screen. You might find this handy or annoying.The facility you wish to disable is called Show Preview.

If you locate a photo that you want to hang onto while browsing, just press and hold it on the screen. The context menu allows you to put the picture in your Camera Roll. You can even copy it into an email if you like.

This feature comes to lengthy email addresses or common phrases such as “How are you” and This shortcut feature can be accessed through the keyboard settings of your iphone.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps you download to your phone. Some are not legitimate and may charge you hidden fees.

You may want to finish working on your current screen before responding to the notice. You should know that you can quickly get rid of the notification. You just wipe away the pop-up bar when it appears on your screen.

If you give these tips a try, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert at customizing your iphone and getting the most out of it. You can now feel more confident in your use of the iphone and how to maximize your personal benefits.

By pauline