How Email Web Hosting Works? Why do Businesses Need It?

People receive plenty of emails in their inbox amongst which a few are vague, unknown, and malevolent. You recognize the mail from [email protected] confirming the order and there is another one from [email protected] confirming the rocking chair order you placed. You did not open the mail, but you know without opening the emails about your order status that was placed on ‘Home Furniture.’ However, you are unsure about the random email coming from a Gmail account. The chances that you will ignore or delete it without opening are high.

The reason is that Gmail is a free webmail platform, while the other email was sent via professional email hosting services. It revealed the name of the store you placed an order.

What’s email web hosting?

It is a service that helps businesses store, send, and receive emails on your premium web host’s specialized server. Unlike free webmail services, premium web hosts allow your email address to incorporate domain names.

Besides creating strong brand recall, the email host helps to build a strong brand identity, boosts email security, enhances business scalability, allows the integration of essential tools, and offers many other perks.

How does email web hosting service work?

When you add an email web hosting service to the plan you get server resources that not just fulfill email solutions but accompany essential features. For example, solutions like email replication & re-routing, domain name management, email authentication, etc.

You rent a server space that creates a trusted connection between the sender and the receiver’s email server. When an email is sent it gets transmitted between two servers, which increases email security. Without the concerns of viruses and spam, emails reach the designated inbox. Sensitive emails are sent and received with minimal theft or data breach risks via premium email servers. They are equipped with an industry-standard encryption protocol. The data transferred is completely encrypted making it nearly impossible for an unauthorized party to access it.

Professional email host offers better uptime. It means communication can occur quickly and on time during critical situations.

Why do businesses need email web hosting?

Email marketing is crucial for creating strong brand awareness in this speedily developing digital space. All businesses and industries are going digital, so besides offering quality products/services there is a lot to be done to get noticed. Consumers resonate and trust brand names they recognize. Email web hosting service helps in creating a recognizable and professional impact right from the start.

There is also the security factor customers consider valuable. Email is dominating traditional communication forms. As a business owner, you desire to stay safe and secure even with less sensitive data getting communicated via emails. Professional email host offers email encryption, which ensures data shared via emails are accessed only by the authorized party. The emails don’t fall into the hands of unauthorized hackers snooping around the internet.

With professional email web hosting services, your brand can stay connected safely with employees, customers, and other vendors from anywhere. Email receivers will recognize your brand in their inbox. It builds brand recall and credibility!

By pauline